The Tranquebar Collection by Boris Berlin

The Tranquebar Collection re-imagines a new kind of cooperation that draws from the human, cultural, craft traditions and technological contexts of each of the stakeholders involved.

Design is not just a discipline of solving functional problems with help of advanced technology. It is first of all a language – a means of communication between manufacturer and user, between designer and craftsman, and uniquely with the Tranquebar Collection, between people of different cultures, different history and contemporary experiences in faraway continents.

Integral to our approach has been the cooperation and relationships between the best of Danish cabinet makers and joiners with chosen Indian craftsmen, who were trained in the product development process. While Indian stone masons had to interact with precision steel work and glass processing from European craftsmen.

The design became a subject and at the same time a means of communication – a bridge across the barrier of different cultures, different social and political structures and different life experiences. Not to mention the language barrier…


Boris Berlin, Designer


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