The Tranquebar edition explores the journey of design co-creation between multi-award winning designer Boris Berlin with craftsmen in South India.



John Norris

On grey leafless branches of silk cotton trees, brilliant red blossoms lift the spirit

When I woke up later, she said something to me in Tamil which her boss translated: “She says that is where her young son sleeps after school while she finishes her days work”.

Famed for its beautiful temples and architecture, food and classical Indian dance, the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu is a wonder in colorful ornamentation, crafts and people. For our new website magazine, we asked John Norris, an acclaimed photographer and a good friend of ours, to share some insights and images from his trip with designer Boris Berlin and Ca’lyah founder Nigel Majakari. The full essay will be online in early March – until then, enjoy a glimpse into the world of our collaborators and friends